islamic calendar 2014 landscape for business with space for notes


Number 4: This one below is an abstract style summery calendar, it has a verse from the Quran about the total number of months in a year.

Download Islamic Calendar for Business 2014 / 1435.

islamic calendar 1435 orange flowery and summer theme

Download Calendar with Verses from the Quran.

Calendar number 5: Classical retro style and bright. Also in landscape orientation (A4).

islamic calendar 1435 yellow, neon multi coloured

Download Islamic Calendar 2014 retro style.

Finally Calendar Number Six: Mosaic style with minarets, two toned purple and gray.

islamic calendar 2013 / 1435 with purple and gray mosaic mosque minarets

Download mosaic tiled Calendar.

That’s all the six Islamic Calendars for 1435 (2014), I hope you like these and please share with your friends and family and give some feedback so that I can maybe add a few more to this list of calendars.